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  • The guiding philosophy behind CRP's social responsibility is in line with CRP's corporate culture.
Responsibility Management

Under the mission of value creation, we continued to prioritize sustainable development.

With in-depth reform, we focused on system building, progress by practice and brand building. As a result, we improved the management and practice of social responsibility.

Responsibility Culture

Responsibility Governance

Organizational system
The Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on the Company’s sustainable development and social responsibility management. The Company established the Steering Committee on Social Responsibility which is responsible for decision-making, leading and promoting the strategic directions and planning of corporate social responsibility according to the opinion of Board of Directors’ Sustainability Committee. CR Power’s Board Office is the leading management department in charge of social responsibility work. It is responsible for daily social responsibility management and preparing and releasing sustainable development reports. All units at various levels of CR Power have established relevant departments and contact points in charge of social responsibility work.


Based on the latest standards and requirements including the GRI Sustainable Development Reporting Guidelines (G4) issued by the Global Reporting Initiative, China CSR Reporting Guidelines (CASSCSR4.0) issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (HK-ESG) issued by HKEX, and the Social Responsibility Management Approach for China Resources, the Company proactively formulated and issued the Social Responsibility Management Standard for CR Power, established and perfected the daily working mechanism for social responsibility and improved the social responsibility performance index system to continuously strengthen the standardized, systematic and strategic management of corporate social responsibility.


Report preparation system
This is the eighth consecutive year that we have compiled a sustainable development report. To promote report preparation and formulation, a specific preparation system is established. Organized and led by the Board Office and with units at various levels jointly participating in report preparation system, the system consists of a Leading Group, Report Preparation Working Group and Material Preparation Group. The Board Office is responsible for organizing the preparation, design, release, publication and promotion of the report.


Responsibility Integration
We insist that the social responsibility target is highly unified with the Company’s strategic goals, and that strategic development and responsibility commitments are organically united. We incorporate specific indicators and work such as corporate governance, transformation and development, cost control, production safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, cultural construction, caring for our employees, and charity work into the Company’s development strategy and annual business plan. This ensures that social responsibility practices are systematically carried out according to the plan and are split at different levels to be included in the performance appraisal of units, managers and employees at all levels so as to ensure that social responsibility practices and objectives are achieved.
Responsibility Communication
We attached great importance on the communication with stakeholders and promptly disclosed the latest information on our production and operation, culture and philosophy and development and reform to our stakeholders through various channels, including information distributions, special reports, strategic cooperations, general meetings, Company website, satisfaction surveys, field surveys, charity activities and media communications, in order to enhance our stakeholders’ understanding of and support to CR Power. As a Hong Kong listed company, we put great emphasis on investor relations and strongly believe that effective communication with shareholders and rigorous and timely dissemination of accurate information is beneficial to creating shareholder value. We also proactively listen to the opinions, concerns and expectations of the investors by means of diversified investor meetings, with an aim to improve our operation and management.
Responsive measures to stakeholders
To enhance the focus, substantiality and readability of the report, we conducted surveys pertaining to stakeholders and substantial topics via the Company’s WeChat Official Account, to ensure topics were consistent with the Company’s development strategy and to stay close to the focuses and appeals of our stakeholders.
Responsibility Capacity
We attach great importance to the improvement of our own responsibility capacity. By holding meetings and trainings on social responsibility, we effectively promoted the relevant knowledge and social responsibility awareness of personnel who are in charge of social responsibility management and report preparation, as well as understanding and mastery of the workflow, methods, and significance of the preparation of reports and laid a foundation for further improving the Company's practice level of responsibility and quality of report preparation.